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10 June 2021

Alice Coltrane - Kirtan: Turiya Sings

This summer, the world will finally hear an intimate, spiritual recording made by the godmother of spiritual jazz, Alice Coltrane. Recorded in 1981 and never shared in this form with the world at large, Kirtan: Turiya Sings is a stunning collection of nine devotional songs, featuring the never-before-heard combination of Alice Coltrane’s voice and organ. Kirtan: Turiya Sings will be available July 16 on Impulse! Records/UMe, as part of the legendary label’s 60th anniversary celebration. 

Though known by many as the musical partner and wife of John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane is revered for her groundbreaking contributions to spiritual jazz with her legendary Impulse! recordings Journey in Satchidananda and Ptah, The El Daoud, among others. Throughout the 1970s, in addition to maintaining the busy schedule of a recording and touring artist, Alice Coltrane was immersing herself in Eastern philosophies, mythologies, and Vedic religious practices. By the early 1980s, she had become a guru and spiritual teacher and began to make music exclusively for her community at The Vedantic Center, northwest of Los Angeles. 

The original recording of these songs, Turiya Sings, was released exclusively on cassette in 1982 for the students of the ashram. In addition to Alice’s voice and organ, the recording included synthesizers, strings, and sound effects. In 2004, Alice’s son and producer of this record, Ravi Coltrane, found mixes he’d never heard before of just Alice’s voice and her Wurlitzer organ. He knew this is what the world had to hear.

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9 June 2021

Sampology - Suffer And Swim feat. Allysha Joy

Following the first listen – ‘Memories in Flight’ – from his ‘Regrowth’ LP due for release in September, Sampology has collaborated with Allysha Joy on the stunning second single from the forthcoming album. 

‘Suffer and Swim’ was originally intended as a bright, soulful broken beat instrumental made the night before a DJ set Sampology was playing in Sydney; he later called upon Allysha for a collaboration to fully develop the song to its potential. 

On this collaboration, Sampology said: “Allysha is doing such great things down in Melbourne and I've wanted to collaborate with her for a while, I'm such a fan and when she sent me back her vocals, I listened on repeat for 20 minutes.” 

Allysha Joy has proved herself as a world class talent over many years – both solo as a singer, poet, and pianist and as a key member of Melbourne collective 30/70. She has consistently gained attention from a range of international media and her solo work is nothing short of breathtaking. 

“Suffer and Swim is about love, loss and empathy. It's about wanting to dive into the water with your friends when you can see that they're struggling. I love when the music and the lyrics are countering one another energetically like this. It allows the sadness of the lyrics to feel hopeful! I feel hopeful!” Allysha Joy said about this beautiful song. 

Following an introduction in Berlin through Noah Slee, Sampology also invited guitaristBeau Diako to collaborate on Suffer and Swim. “Beau Diako contributed the beautiful guitar parts and you can clearly hear his signature style come through. I'm so appreciative to have been able to collaborate with Allysha & Beau and share this track out into the world.” Sampology said. 

Following a chance find of his late grandfather’s super8 film tapes from the 70s and 80s during the 2020 lockdown, Sampology digitised the tapes and has created beautiful vintage videos to visually accompany the songs from Regrowth. The ‘Suffer and Swim’ official video features footage from his grandfather’s travels in Norfolk Island and New Zealand in the late ‘70s. 

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8 June 2021

Mike LeDonne = It's All Your Fault

Mike LeDonne belongs to an elite group of musicians - those who have mastered the piano AND the organ while creating original voices for each. However, here on It's all Your Fault, LeDonne sits down at the organ, puts his foot on the pedals and lays down some of the hippest organ licks you're likely to hear. Two groups are featured on this recording. Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet has had the rare opportunity to play and record together for twenty years and counting. They had no difficulty integrating their sound into this all-star big band put together by Mike and his preferred arranger and conductor, Dennis Mackrel. Recorded in the famed Van Gelder studio and actually using the original Hammond C-3 organ that Jimmy Smith et al. Used to record the music within this recording is adventurous. It's a continuation of the groove that was established years ago by organists interacting with big bands and it reveals to us the Blues, the Rhythm & Blues and the Jazz that Mike heard coming up through the jazz ranks.

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7 June 2021

Ron Everett - Glitter of the City


As records in our 'Jazzman Holy Grail' series go, the magnificent 'Glitter of the City' by Ron Everett bears all the hallmarks as being one of the most coveted of all. Indeed, we value this album so highly that we specially reserved the Jazzman catalogue number of #100 to mark its significance. 

Original copies of the LP are incredibly hard to find, even on the streets of Philadelphia from where it originated. Released in 1977 on a shoestring budget with a b/w xerox glued onto a plain white cover, the LP was never going to amass great sales. Add to the fact that it was a jazz album - totally unhip given the then current disco craze - and sold literally from the street corner by Ron himself - it's surprising that any were sold at all. 

Then again, what goes around comes around. What is hip anyway? It's all about the music. Ron Everett made his album a deep, personal celebration of his hometown, with its vibrant musical community and heritage, and created an absorbing selection of funky jams, sweet jazzy soul and all manner of funk & blues infused jazz. 

For the first time since its release we bring you an official reissue with restored artwork and audio. Our illustrated liner notes tell the life story of Ron Everett, as researched by respected Philadelphia music pro Dave 'Philly Dave' Brown and his interviews with Everett family members and the surviving musicians on the album. What's more, we're thrilled to include 3 extra bonus tracks taken from an unreleased master reel of a subsequent album which we discovered while researching the project. It really doesn't get any better than that! 

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4 June 2021

Lee Morgan - The Complete Live at the Lighthouse

Blue Note Records has announced a July 30 release date for Lee Morgan The Complete Live at the Lighthouse, an expansive collection that presents for the very first time all 12 sets of music the legendary trumpeter’s quintet with saxophonist Bennie Maupin, pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Jymie Merritt, and drummer Mickey Roker recorded during their historic engagement at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, California from July 10-12, 1970. Originally released 50 years ago in 1971 as a 2-LP set, and later expanded to a 3-CD set in 1996, this definitive edition produced by Zev Feldman and David Weiss will be available as an 8-CD set and a limited-edition 12-LP all-analog 180g vinyl set that encompasses 33 performances including more than 4 hours of previously unreleased music that lets the listener relive the experience of being in the club for every exhilarating moment. A previously unreleased version of Mabern’s composition “The Beehive” from the 2nd set on Saturday, July 11 is available now to stream or download.

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3 June 2021

Emanuelle In America

The finest and rarest chapter of EMANUELLE saga by the cult maestro Nico Fidenco and his loyal orchestra director Oscar Lindok (Giacomo Dell'Orso). Majestic original soundtrack of the sex thriller movie "EMANUELLE IN AMERICA" from 1977 directed by the legendary Joe D'Amato. Sexploitation cult and acclaimed director's third instalment of Black Emanuelle film series starring Dutch actress Laura Gemser. The deepest, intense and most thrilling volume of Black Emanuelle adventures with the best music cuts of the whole series. Spellbinding, breathtaking and wordless music with dreamy orchestral movements, unbelievable downtempo Funk and timeless beats, mental Afro-beat and dancing percussion, sweet Psychedelic guitars, subtle female chorus, heavy strings and orchestra, loungy sounds, driving funky drums and so on. Essential Italian OST masterpiece, top-notch recording for any fan of soundtrack music. Artwork is by the maestro Sandro Symeoni. 

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2 June 2021

Timo Lassy - Trio

Tenor saxophonist Timo Lassy, one of Finland's leading jazz artists, is back with a new album release "Trio" on We Jazz Records. The album, to be released on 27 August, introduces Lassy's new combo with bassist Ville Herrala and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen – both We Jazz Records roster artists on their own right. 

The new Lassy sound is tight, swinging and funky, led by the strong and riff-ready sax of the tenorman. That being said, the album's sound is not limited to that of the swinging trio. Lassy's new vision also brings in some subtle electronics (played by Lassy, Dalindèo frontman Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen and Ilmiliekki Quartet pianist Tuomo Prättälä) and lush strings performed by Budapest Art Orchestra as arranged by Finnish artist Marzi Nyman. It's a new sound for Lassy, but one which keeps true to his no-nonsense cookin' on the tenor. 

This combination proves to be a winning one on the album, ranging from the more solemn moments on tracks such as "Sunday 20" and "Sointu" to the all out groovers like "Pumping C" and "Subtropical". The basic three sylinders of the band tenor sax, bass and drums, are strong throughout and the strings add air beneath the wings to really lift things off. Electronics are used as a tasty condiment, not taking over the main course but adding to it just right. 

"We began the process with the bare bones trio but along the way, the sound started evolving into something else" Lassy explains. "That's how I like to work, anyway, while the trio can take this music to great lengths live, on the album I like to paint a fuller, more colourful picture sonically." 

Speaking of painting, the sleeve of the album features the original artwork "Subtropic" by Finnish artist Ilari Hautamäki. "Trio" by Timo Lassy will be released by We Jazz Records as blue and black vinyl editions complete with a heavy duty tip-on sleeve, on CD and digitally. 

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1 June 2021

Quantic - Won't Fade Away

After a deluge of dance producers sampling QSO's classic 'Pushin On' the original composer Will Holland decided the time had come to take the wheel himself. 'I Won't Fade Away' features the timeless vocal of Alice Russell but veers away from previous channels, deep diving into UKG through an analogue lens, tape hiss included. By mining the less obvious vocal aspects and taking unexpected steps through broken beats, Quantic has cooked up a genuine summer dance floor anthem just in time for our return.

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31 May 2021

Pete Josef - Remixes

Sonar Kollektiv preps for summer with a big selection of remixes of Pete Josef tunes by stalwarts Jazzanova, Feiertag, Friend Within and Quintin Copper as well as Josef himself. 

Sonar Kollektiv served up Pete Josef's second album I Rise With The Birds in Autumn last year and it remains a standout collection of jaunty soul, pop and dance tunes from the blue-eyed soul singer from Bristol. Now the tunes get reimagined for different contexts firstly by label heads Jazzanova, the long time masters of many different synths, instruments and sounds. Their expressive take on 'Giants' is all shimmering chords and broken beats primed for early evening outdoor dancing. 

Feiertag is the alter ego of the Dutch live-act Joris Feiertag. Recording and performing since 2015, his sound can be described as electronic yet warm, and with a preference for innovative syncopated rhythms combined with fragments of instruments such as the harp and kalimba. 2021 will see the release of his debut album after a string of well received singles. Here he turns Josef’s 'Giants' into a superbly slow motion workout with reverberating kicks, claps and warped vocals all bringing sensuousness to the trumpet laced groove. 

UK talent Friend Within has been in the scene for over a decade and has a house sound that has taken him to Dirtybird and Hypercolour and put him at the forefront of a new wave of UK artists. His brilliant rework is party ready, with up beat grooves and florid sax lines bringing jazzy, soulful notes and good times. 

It is then Pete himself who reworks 'This Sun', flipping it into a lively house track with a killer bassline and plenty of percussive Latin flair and more fantastic wind leads. 

As a digital bonus, Quintin Copper - a man known for his ability to jam on vintage synths, various instruments and draw on his love of soul, funk and jazz - serves up a deliciously deep dub of 'Mainframe' with romantic sax lines and funky bass. 

This is a high grade remix package that ensures these fantastic tunes will have a new lease of life this summer and beyond. 

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30 May 2021

Tiawa - Moonlit Train

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter/MC Tiawa (pronounced: tea-ah-wa) releases her debut album, ‘Moonlit Train’; a conceptual record that maps a metaphorical train journey from relationships through to healing and liberation. Gently easing between soul, 90s hip-hop and Latin-folk that harks back to her Portuguese heritage, the inspiration for the LP comes from the rebellious spirit of reggae, the pace of lyricism in reggaeton, and the romanticism of doo-wop.

“Each song on the album is part of an emotional journey. I hope it helps to heal people in serious situations and makes them feel better afterwards. "Saudade" is the introduction to 'Moonlit Train' and opens with a Portuguese poem that translates to 'don't be sad now, I'm going to play a song for you’, in the background you can hear the movement of a train on the tracks…” Tiawa explains.

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