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27 September 2021

José James - My Favorite Things

Like his idols John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Marvin Gaye, José James is a master of reinvention. Over the past 13 years as a singer, producer and label owner, he's proven himself capable of covering wide swaths of musical terrain. He’s done it all while keeping his voice in the center, a smoky baritone the likes of Gil Scott-Heron and Terry Callier that cuts through the lush instrumentals beneath it. The approach has led to a vast discography with various entry points across labels Blue Note, Verve/Impulse, Brownswood and now his own Rainbow Blonde Records. 

Today he releases single "My Favorite Things" - both a nod to the Coltrane classic and an homage to his former boss the iconoclastic pianist McCoy Tyner - featuring Grammy nominated saxophonist Marcus Strickland. 

Produced by José James and Brian Bender, the session was both recorded and mixed directly to 2" tape to capture the warmth and LCR (left-center-right) sound akin to classic albums such as "Kind of Blue," "Blues and the Abstract Truth" and "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman." Mastering duties were handled by veteran engineer Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios.

Accompanied by Grammy Award-winner Ben Williams (bass), Grammy nominated artists Aaron Parks (piano) and Marcus Strickland (saxophone) and rising-star Jharis Yokely (drums) “My Favorite Things” is a world-class musical tribute from one of the greatest living voices in jazz. 

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26 September 2021

Daniel Casimir - Boxed In

London-based composer/bassist, Daniel Casimir returns with his solo debut album Boxed In, a dynamic collision of pulsing modern jazz & orchestral instrumentation. 

Featuring Casimir’s quintet of fellow British jazz luminaries, including Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd, Al Macsween & James Copus, Boxed In astutely bridges traditional and contemporary jazz forms with enveloping strings, woodwind & brass arrangements, but under its intricate musical surface seeks to confront some necessary hard truths.

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25 September 2021

Spirale - Spirale

First time Officially reissue. Sourced from the original master tapes and housed in a deluxe gatefold cover. Edition of 500 copies** The Milan based imprint, Dialogo, returns with the first ever vinyl reissue of Spirale’s lone, 1974 self-titled LP. Resting at a fascinating juncture between progressive and free jazz, it was years ahead of its time when it first appeared, rendering it to the shadows for decades, before its ultimate ascent to becoming one of the great holy grails of Italian Jazz prog. This is a release known mostly by Italian progressive rock lovers, since its sound can be easily associated to the jazz-rock delivered by the way more popular Napoli Centrale and Perigeo - but also to the ‘fundamentals’ Dedalus, Arti & Mestieri, Uno, if not Maad, Nadma or Aktuala, or even the lesser known Bauhaus for instance. But playing this kind of music and trying to release an album in the  first half of the ’70s in Italy was also incredibly hard and courageous: Spirale, in fact, was one of the many bands that lived a very short life, before splitting up and disappear forever.

Spirale were an Italian quintet from Rome, consisting of Gaetano Delfini (wind instruments, vocals, percussion), Giancarlo Maurino (saxophone,  ute, percussion), Corrado Nofri (piano, marimba, mbira, siren, Jew’s harp), Giuseppe Caporello (contrabass, guitar, percussion) and Giampaolo Ascolese (drums) who released a single eponymous album in 1974. Spirale was originally released on the International King record label, thanks to Mario Schiano, a free-jazz saxophonist who discovered the band, and producer Toni Cosenza, who included the album in the ‘King Jazz-Line’ series. Consisting of just four tracks, most of which taken by the 13-minute long “Cabral, Anno 1” and the marvellous 17-minute “Peperoncino (Cose vecchie, cose nuove)”, Spirale is an incredibly balanced and  owing record that sounds still fresh and inspired even today, and it’s a shame that it has remained hidden and overlooked for such a long time. Moreover, it is characterized by that undescribable and particular Mediterranean  avour that only Italian musicians were able to obtain. This beautiful album is of course immensely rare in its original edition, and is now  nally reissued on Dialogo record label in a faithful restored version that will finally satisfy any collectors who have waited for years for this beauty to see the light again!

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24 September 2021

Ex-Olympian - Javelin Flight (Mike Gurrieri Remix)

A lovely remix by my friend from Melbourne. Check!

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23 September 2021

Esperanto - Esperanto

Favorite Recordings proudly presents a reissue of the first and eponymous LP by Esperanto, a Venezuelan Jazz-Fusion masterpiece originally released in 1980. This rare and sought-after album recorded in Caracas by talented musicians could be likened to the best of the South American scene with strong Funk & Latin influences. Following the recent reissue of Sacbé, this one is a little wonder and a must-have for anyone interested in Latin Jazz-Funk & Fusion. Fully remastered and available as Gatefold Tip-On vinyl LP. 

Like most bands, the story first started as a series of jam sessions. Multi-instrumentist Jorge Aguilar and his drummer Pablo Matarazzo were playing in a band, covering a various number of Latin genres from Merengue to Salsa and playing at parties, even though they were mostly influenced by Jazz or Funk, but also British Rock or Brazilian music. Still, they were dreaming about a real band. Thus, while some of their friends were on vacations in Venezuela during their studies at Music school in Boston and New York, they immediately organized jam sessions. First impros quickly became songs and Pablo and Jorge were finally joined by Roldan Peña, Gustavo Arranguren, Ezequiel Serrano, Marcus Vinicius and Nenè Quintero. 

With the help of a friend, they recorded songs and brought those tracks to radio stations. Without realizing it, the group gained a certain notoriety in Caracas and began to give shows that became quite famous. Sometimes, they had to play two times in the same night with people still waiting outside! 

With the money earned, they kept recording their songs but now in a quite better studio. The album was taking its final shape, with an exciting blend of Funk, Fusion and Jazz-Rock elements, all mixed with Latin music influences. With an extensive use of synthesizers, the tracks sounded like a fresh wind blowing over the city of Caracas. 

After bringing a few friends to record their parts, the album was then offered to CBS for distribution – some of their executives had just become fans after experiencing one of their amazing gigs! But in exchange, they also had to record two more commercial songs, a cover of "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles, and “Vereda Tropical", a classic in the Latin market. Jorge reminds: "The rest of the songs were compositions by myself and by other members of the band. The album was recorded in its entirety almost live, that is, all of us playing together and without many overdubs because we did not have many tracks nor money to pay studio time. Certainly, we were one of the bands that started the Fusion jazz movement in Venezuela and the most recognized because we managed to be played a lot on the radios and we filled the largest number of concerts as well as obtained the largest number of sales". 

The band kept recording other albums, notably with Warner Bros after the label was again really impressed by their opening show for Peter Frampton Comes Alive Tour one night in Caracas. Jorge adds: "Today if you ask people around 60 years old in Venezuela about a Fusion group, they will tell you that Esperanto is the band they remember! I think the most significant thing about the Esperanto band is that it was quite naïve since we were all in our early 20s and we did everything just for the pleasure of playing without thinking about the economic aspects of the industry". 

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22 September 2021

Otis Sandsjö - Tremendoce Parts 2 & 3 / Skerry

Remember the hard hitting banger "Tremendoce" from Otis Sandsjö's "Y-OTIS 2"? Well, the saga continues, and the new directions are surprising to say the least, just as we like it!!! Some proper late night / early morning out there vibes on this one, and the flip is yet another step forward, bringing in Kathrin Pechlof on harp. Things are liquid, just as you would guess, but the whole consistency of the substance has flipped and evolved. A new sound. A new idea. Another new day in Mauerpark, Berlin.

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21 September 2021

sUb_modU - Descent To The Centre

Descent To The Centre’ is the result of a natural process, a concept of allowing musical passions to flow organically in the midst of Romeo’s daily experiences. In the words of the artist, “it’s about the direction towards the centre, finding the nature within me, at my inner core. As astronomers say, “we are all made from stardust” – we are all interconnected to the universe, this makes me feel inconsequential while simultaneously part of something immense.”

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20 September 2021

Quantic & Nidia Góngora - Vuelve

“Vuelve” is the brand new single from renowned British producer Quantic and Colombian folklore singer-songwriter Nidia Góngora. Nidia explores the nostalgia of impossible love and striving to find one’s true self while Quantic’s use of R&B-tinged orchestral arrangements gradually layer upon one another, building up until reaching a cinematic peak. 

"Vuelve reflects the nostalgia, of those impossible loves, that for some circumstances simply cannot materialise. With this song we want each person to become aware of how important it means to search for oneself and find true happiness, not in others but in our own being!" Nidia explains. 

“Vuelve” is the latest in a series of singles from the majestic duo, alongside “Macumba de Marea” and “Balada Borracha” (Drunken Ballad). Both songs have garnered support from tastemakers such as Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music), Sarah Ward (Jazz FM), Morning Becomes Eclectic (KCRW), El Sonido (KEXP) and gained press praise from Rolling Stone (featured as a Song You Need To Know), FIP, Qetic, and Colombian national newspaper ADN. 

All songs form part of the majestic duo’s sophomore album ‘Almas Conectadas’ (Connected Souls), out 22nd October. Bubbling with symphonic flourishes, the record explores the unique, rich, and mystical musical traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast while being recorded at Quantic’s Brooklyn-based studio and creative powerhouse Selva. 

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19 September 2021

Cliff Nobles | Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - My Love Is Getting Stronger | The Bold

With their latest release, "Matasuna Records" brings together two songs from 1966 that were originally released on "JV/Atlantic Records" & "ATCO Records". Now officially reissued for the first time on 7inch vinyl. Aside from the same release year, the two songs - a Northern Soul joint by "Cliff Nobles" and a Mod Jazz tune by "Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks" - seem to have little in common. However, both are delicacies for any dance floor and combine an irrepressible energy. The two songs thus fit perfectly together on this hot & fiery 45!

"My Love Is Getting Stronger" by "Cliff Nobles" on the A-side is not only a super rare soul gem whose original single cost at least $700 dollars. The song can also be considered one of the best (Northern) soul tunes. A grooving bass, infectious drums & bongos meet great orchestrated horns driven by Nobles' raw yet sweet voice. A smokin' soul cut for any dance floor. 

The instrumental "The Bold" by "Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks" on the B-side brings out the same irrepressible energy. The deep bassline, drumbreaks and funky guitar riffs introduce this terrific song. A deep organ joins in perfect interplay and enchants the listener. A great groover that shouldn’t leave any record box! 

"Cliff Nobles", born in 1944 in "Groove Hill" (Alabama) got into singing in his high school choir in "Mobile" (Alabama). He also became the lead singer of a popular local group called "The Delroys". After school, he moved to Philadelphia to work on his career. He recorded 3 songs for "Atlantic Records", which went unnoticed. He later formed the band "Cliff Nobles & Co" in "Norristown" with "Benny Williams" (bass), "Bobby Tucker" (lead guitar) and "Tommy Soul" (drums). 
Through demo tapes, Nobles came to the attention of producer "Jesse James", who began to write songs for the band and helped them get a contract with "Phil L.A. Of Soul" Records. The first release bombed, but the second single, "Love Is All Right/The Horse", brought success. Ironically, the instrumental B-side "The Horse," which Nobles didn't even perform on, became a huge hit. It reached #2 on the charts, sold over 1 million copies and was awarded a gold record by the R.I.A.A.. 

However, subsequent releases failed to match his success, and he retired from the music business in the early 1970s. Nobles died in October 2008 at the age of 67 in "Norristown", Pennsylvania. 

Vinyl only release available here
18 September 2021

Karlos Boes Quartet - All In One

Actually, they just wanted to show their boss Maxim Illion (founder and band leader of Club des Belugas) how to play real jazz ...

Under the direction of saxophone player Karlos Boes, who wrote and produced all tracks, the musicians of the Club des Belugas live band recorded a terrific instrumental jazz studio album in the bebop & swing style of the 50s & 60s.

The other side of "Club des Belugas" !!!

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