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28 January 2022

La Retreta Mayor - Zambo

Matasuna‘s latest tidbit takes us back to the South American continent once again – to Venezuela to be exact. The song "Zambo" by the band "La Retreta Mayor, which was released in 1976 on the LP of the same name, is now available as an official reissue and the very first time ever on a 7inch vinyl single! The 45 is complemented by an excellent rework of the American producer & DJ King Most from San Francisco. 

The A-side features the original of the song. Zambo is a furious mix with versatile influences of Latin, Jazz & Funk. The rich horn section and percussion of the guest quartet bring pure heat to the track – the drums, bass and piano intensify this even more. An absolute heater for the dance floor! 

The B-side features the King Most Redirection. The talented producer gently takes on the song, keeping the organic vibe of the original but still giving it a different, new side. His re-arrangement and additional in/outro and a new passage in the middle of the song fit exquisitely. Also his crunchy drums and own piano passages are very tasty and give the song an own flavour! 

Alexandro Rodríguez was born in Caracas in 1952 and is considered one of Venezuela’s most important jazz guitarists of the seventies. He studied classical guitar in his early years, played electric guitar in various rock groups and performed at various national music festivals. He also had the opportunity to play as a musician for renowned orchestras such as Onda Nueva, Renny Show’s Orchestra on Venezuelan Television and Radio Caracas TV’s Orchestra. 

In the late 1970’s he recorded two significant works that may be considered a reference in Venezuelan music history. He formed the short-lived band La Retreta Mayor to record a self-titled album, which was released as an LP on the Venezuelan label Discomoda in 1976. The 10-piece band and numerous guest musicians created a jazzfunk & fusion gem. The band unfortunately broke up right after the recording and did not play live or record any more music. His self-released album Busqueda, released in 1978 under his name, was recorded between New York and Caracas and has an excellent reputation not only in connoisseur circles. In 2012, the album was reissued on CD by a Japanese label, proving the influence Alexandro’s music still has in the jazz scene today. 

Between 1979 and 1982, Alexandro lived in New York, where he worked as a composer, arranger, performer and orchestrator in the jazz scene with renowned orchestras before returning to Venezuela. Subsequently, his musical career turned to the classical guitar, both as a composer and performer. In 2013, he settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), where he continues his activity as composer, arranger, guitarist, bassist and teacher to the present time. 

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25 January 2022

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - Pas si vite

After the success of their first single « Caipirinha »released during the lockdown, the french funky duo is back in 2022 with a soulful new title.
On a french Electro funk beat ready to electrified the dancefloors worldwide, the songwriters , cantor of the « Afropeanité « and the creolity praised for slowness and let go to positively confront this complex period.

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24 January 2022

Elizio De Buzios - Tamanqueiro

Sitting a good 90-minute drive away from Rio de Janeiro’s crowded beaches and packed tourist hot-spots, Campo Grande is not a neighbourhood that attracts travellers from around the World. Traditionally it is home to the city’s lower middle-class, whose aspirations of moving up the social ladder were played out in a suburb that has always been solidly working-class. 

Campo Grande is home to Elizio De Buzios, a Brazilian musician who started playing music in the late 1970s and early 1980s. De Buzios began as a drummer, before learning to play guitar and starting to compose and sing his own music. When he turned 18, De Buzios joined a local band formed by some of his friends and other like-minded local musicians: Sol da Terra. The band mostly played samba in neighbourhood bars and small venues around Camp Grande, but De Buzios was interested in more than just samba. While he naturally admired great samba composers such as Cartola and Beth Carvalho, his musical pass went far beyond Brazil’s national music. He also loved MPB and bossa-nova and at home he listed to Joäo Bosco, Milton Nascimento, Luis Melodia, Tom Jobim, and many bossa-nova singers. 

In 1980 De Buzios was noticed by a local representative of international major label Polygram, who gave him the opportunity to record two songs. He was excited, so started searching for inspiration for the songs he would eventually lay down. He found that inspiration close to home while passing a neighbourhood shop which made and sold clogs. After noticing a display of then fashionable Portuguese clogs outside the store, De Buzios popped inside to talk to the owner. It turned out that he was a tamanqueiro – as clog-makers are traditionally called in his native Portugal – and was as passionate about music as he was about the footwear he made. Thus inspired, De Buzios returned home to work more on the lyrics and music. 

The next day, he headed into the studio to record the song, with Vale Ribeiro, who later went on to produce tracks for Marcos Valle, behind the desk. With Ribeiro’s assistance, De Buzios managed to record two songs in one day: ‘Tamanqueiro’ and ‘Sou Um Louco’, a ballad with English lyrics blended into the mostly Portuguese text. From the start, it was clear that ‘Tamanqueiro’ would be the single’s A-side. Incredibly catchy and funky, with some subtle disco elements, the song remained distinctively Brazilian thanks to the use of the cuíca. Listening back all these years on, De Buzios’ lyrics seem almost spontaneous, carry the track forward, and make it almost impossible not to sing along. Its infectiousness and funkiness made it an instant hit with the first few people to hear it. 

When it was released, responses to the song were enthusiastic, even if it never became the Brazil-wide smash it should have been. It resonated well in the local clubs and on the radio, but unfortunately the marketing was handled by an inexperienced Polygram employee who failed to adequately promote the track. As a result, the record sank without trace and De Buzios’ dreams of stardom evaporated. Having just started a family, he realized he could not live off the uncertainty of being a musician. Instead, he got a job at city hall as a civil servant, a role he continued until his retirement a few years ago. ‘Tamanqueiro’ and ‘Sou Um Louco’ remain the only two songs he ever recorded. 

In the early 2000s, with the rise of diggers’ culture, ‘Tamanqueiro’ slowly surfaced again. It became a sought after, hard to find seven-inch single, finding its way onto the airwaves once more and into the ears of a new generation of listeners. Some started appreciating the song so much that it was referred to as the “best-Jorge-Ben-song-Jorge-Ben-never-recorded”. And they are right: ‘Tamanqueiro’ does have that Jorge Ben-straight-forwardness. It’s a completely honest song that’s almost impossible not to fall in love with. Thanks to this remastered reissue on New Dawn, De Buzios may now get the props his sole record so richly deserves. 

Now for the good news: De Buzios is still singing in local bars and clubs in and around Campo Grande. He is surprised, but also incredibly proud, that the record he had almost forgotten about is appreciated so much by a group of music lovers he didn’t even know existed. But above all, he is happy that more than 40 years after the recording session, the record lives on – not only on this re-release, but also in his weekend sets in the bars of Campo Grande. (words and research Jorn Konijn) 

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23 January 2022

Fouk - Paradise EP

Dutch duo, Fouk, are responsible for the latest addition to our Classic Cuts series. By no means newcomers to the scene, since releasing their debut EP in 2014, Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman have become known for their joyous blends of house, disco and funk. 

Whilst maintaining these stylistic sensibilities, as well as an emphasis on fun and festivity, Paradise EP sees the duo experiment with instrumentation to create intricately crafted and richly layered soundscapes. Most aptly embodying this is the title track which weaves together various percussive textures underneath staccato piano chords in a jubilant celebration of rhythm. Deep house track ‘Next Summer’ represents the EP at its smoothest, either its jazzy undertones transporting the listener to a sunkissed beach spot, or its synth-driven melody to a video-game-esque psychedelia. The EP’s latter half: ‘Tough Love’, ‘Late Night Snack’ and ‘Drugged out’, see disco and funk take centre stage with meandering bassline melodies and diva-esque vocal chops showcasing the infectious energy for which Fouk have become known. 

Paradise EP drops February 18th via Shall Not Fade.

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22 January 2022

Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal - Nascentes

Available now on vinyl!

Recorded in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro, “Nascentes” is the first solo project by flutist, composer and arranger Mariana Zwarg. After 18 years of career, the album is the result of the work she has been developing for almost 4 years with her group “Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal”. There are 10 tracks in total: 8 songs composed by her + a theme by Hermeto Pascoal and a theme by Itiberê Zwarg, who are also the album's special guests.  

The songs were mostly composed and arranged inspired by this group.  

The project started in 2016, when Mariana was invited by a Spanish music festival to direct and organize an entire concert dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal. The band was formed by musicians from different parts of the world! After a 20-day European tour that year, they talked about the group's deep affinity with Mariana and the “Universal Music”, and then they decided to continue the project. They are 2 Brazilians, 1 Finnish, 1 Danish, 1 German and 1 French.  

Since then, there have been 6 European and 2 Brazilian tours playing at jazz festivals, folk music festivals, theaters, jazz clubs and music schools in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Brazil and France.  

Mariana Zwarg represents the third generation of musicians playing and spreading the tradition of "universal music", created by her godfather, the musical genius Hermeto Pascoal from Brazil. Mariana is a flutist, saxophonist, composer and arranger and has been performing at leading festivals and concert halls all over Latin America and Europe with "Itibere Zwarg & Grupo" during the last 15 years.  

In 2016 she formed her "Sexteto Universal", uniting musicians from 5 different countries and touring regularly in Europe and Brazil.    

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21 January 2022

Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 15

Cool – calm – collected: chapter 15 of this superlative series, compiled by Compost’s head honcho Michael Reinboth. 21 tracks, 8 exclusive, previously unreleased tracks. The exciting package comes as 2-CD / 4-LP vinyl. 

The exclusives by Aera (guess you all know his brilliant Innervisions release), Arnau Obiols & KAYYAK (recently featured by Gilles Peterson in his “watch out for 2021” top five list), Ron Deacon (officially belongs to the Workshop-Crew together with other artists like Move D, Even Tuell and Kassem Mosse), Class Compliance my gosh – what a killer tune, Mille & Hirsch (operators of the fine Polish Records), All Is Well (Fred Everything), Ben Sturm (watch out talent of Leipzig’s viral underground scene) and Oliver Kieser (best known as Kieser & Velten with their releases on G-Stone). 
This wonderful Esa Williams remix of Bantu Clan Vs Sarabi is also previously unreleased. 

Several magazines voted the Future Sounds Of Jazz as one of the best compilation series of all time. With this series, starting in 1995, the term Future Jazz became a genre landmark.

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20 January 2022

Kitchen Collective -

According to the Creative Chef:

We are proud to reveal our first single from the upcoming album of our latest project, Kitchen Collective. A music project which started during COVID 19 at the workplace of Creative Chef. Jasper Udink ten Cate is a skilled musician and composed and created 12 tracks together with his friend and keyboard player Daan Richard. Vocalist Fleur de Weger worked on the vocals, Daan played all the keys and Jasper played the drums, the bass the guitars, the sampling and the production of the songs.

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19 January 2022

Robert Stillman -What Does It Mean to Be American?

‘What Does It Mean To Be American?’ is the ninth album by UK-based American composer Robert Stillman. The album moves between a number of genres, as Stillman refuses to stick to making music in one way. Over the course of the album he treats us to jazz, funk, drone, new age, blues and psychedelia and we even hear him sing for the first time.

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18 January 2022

Lance Ferguson - Rare Groove Spectrum, Vol. 2

Rare Groove Spectrum Vol. 2 is another solid collection of re-works and re-imaginings taking in a broad range of classic tracks, traversing jazz funk rarities, balearic digs, latin groovers and more. Backed by a stellar group of Melbourne musicians including members of The Bamboos & Menagerie, Lance continues the tradition of creating "live re-edits" demonstrated on the initial volume - all pulled off with an inimitable style and playfulness, though always with an obvious love for the foundations. 

As Lance says: "Some of these versions can almost be looked at as DJ re-edits, sometimes we're extending what may be a really short track into something longer, or teasing out the elements in a song that really make it work on a dance-floor. It's essentially what someone does with a club re-edit, except we went the extra step and re-recorded the whole thing with a live band" 

From Carly Simon through to Mongo Santamaria via Marcos Valle and Pat Metheny - and following the championing of Rare Groove Spectrum Vol. 1 by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Craig Charles, Jazz FM and more - this second volume of Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum is sure to hit the sweet spot.

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17 January 2022

Kandace Springs - My Name Is Sheba

My Name Is Sheba...

is the original album by singer/songwriter Kandace Springs, and the soundtrack to the podcast of the same name. The extraordinary music of Kandace's debut effort is the foundation for the fictional story, written by Monroe Jones.

 My Name Is Sheba, the album, was co-produced by Jones and the legendary singer/songwriter, Scat Springs, Kandace's father, who passed away in December, 2021. 

My Name Is Sheba, and the music of Kandace Springs is available at Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you access music. 

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